Torque setting on banjo bolts

After some discussion on FB about the correct torque settings for fastening the nylon tube I ended up with 2,5 Nm. The bolts are mounted with nylon discs and can’t take to much torque. Not able to find any settings in the manual but a post on FB showing 2,5 Nm on the banjo bolts for the oil pump was a good indication. Same type of bolts with nylon discs.  I also added a drop of thread lock
And what is the purpose of the nylon tube ? Seems to be a type of fault indicator if the water pump get worn. The tube ends at the bottom of the case and any leakage will be a sign to change or overhaul the water pump.


The front fork in the gearbox is also mounted. The rest of the gear will be installed as soon as the water pump is in place. Still waiting for the package from Germany with new parts for the water pump.