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Jet cleaning

Before using carb cleaner and compressed air wash the carburetor using brushes and if possible, use ultrasonic cleaner as well.

Main jet and Pilot jet

Spray carb cleaner or other type of solvent through the main jet and pilot jet. The main jet is 0,5mm and the pilot jet is 1mm. If anti surging jet is mounted  (as on the picture) the pilot jet is reduced to 0,8mm

Clean well using solvent+compressed air and use a string at proper diameter for cleaning.


Pilot pipe cleaning

Mount the pilot screw before proceeding

Mount the pilot screw. Fully in, then 2/4 of a turn out again.



Spray carb cleaner into the pilot inlet. Make sure it’s a good flow throgh the output.


Fuel inlet

Clean the fuel inlet using a brush and carb cleaner. Use compressed air to clear.


Starter jet

Clean the starter jet as well. Hold your finger at the top and flush the jet. This can be quite often blocked.


Pressed in starter jet

Check to see you have a good flow through the pressed in starter jet.

Float Chamber, dismounting

Dip the float into boiling water. If you spot any bubbles from the float there are a leakages. Very hard to solder a bad one, buy a new float.

The needle jet require new O-ring. Always replace the old one.


Removal of the main jet.



Removal of the pilot jet.

Choke asssebly

New piston from after marked kit. Rest of the parts only cleaned and polished.

New gasket from aftermarket kit


Final mounting of the choke lever connected with shaft for all three carburetors.