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When I did the first restaurtion of the bike the engine was not opened. It was running fine exept from some loss in power from time to time. I thought it was an issue with the carburetors / fuel system. Later on I understood it was related to the sealings in the crankshaft. Had to start all over again, the engine out of the frame and get going with the overhaul of the engine.

Torque setting on banjo bolts

After some discussion on FB about the correct torque settings for fastening the nylon tube I ended up with 2,5 Nm. The bolts are mounted with nylon discs and can’t take to much torque. Not able to find any settings in the manual but a post on FB showing 2,5 Nm on the banjo bolts for the oil pump was a good indication. Same type of bolts with nylon discs.  I also added a drop of thread lock
And what is the purpose of the nylon tube ? Seems to be a type of fault indicator if the water pump get worn. The tube ends at the bottom of the case and any leakage will be a sign to change or overhaul the water pump.


The front fork in the gearbox is also mounted. The rest of the gear will be installed as soon as the water pump is in place. Still waiting for the package from Germany with new parts for the water pump.

Water pump

The bearing in the pump is not good and should be replaced. How to proceed to disassemble the pump ?

Remove the pin (17) and tap the axle (upwards) with a hammer.


water pump



The seal mounted in the middle of the spring seems to be difficult to get hold of. It’s worn and need to be replaced. Can’t see it as a part in the drawing. Perhaps it’s included in part 6 ? Not sure if that part is available either. If not I have to buy a complete new pump, quite expensive but still able to get. The new bearing I bought will  be a waste of money if I have to buy a new pump….(a new lesson learned. )

Does anyone know where to buy the seal ?






SRIS Check valve


The check valves are all cleaned and the function is back to normal. The filter connected to the plastic part at the end is missing. I assume it is not possible to get hold of new ones ? I’m told its not a critical issue. If the valve get clogged no harm will be done to the engine.


A final touch before assembly

The lower case is soon ready for engine assembly. I will leave it unpainted as it was from the factory in 1976. Look at the bad crank seals, all of them are bad. One is complete ruined, found metal parts all over in the engine. The crank has now got new seals and is in a good to go.


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