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The restoration has been done two times. The first one before I was aware of the problem with bad crankshaft sealings. The second time I split the motor and got a crankshaft overhaul + new cylinder and pistons.

Point of no return

In spite of all the warnings I have done the cut off. Please see the pictures before and after. The swingarm is also sandblasted to add a better grip for the paint.

The left picture where the swingarm is marked with a tape is before the cut off and the other one with tape is after the “crime”

Disassembling of the GT

The work has started. Disassembling of the GT. A lot of work to be done. I have to spend some more money as well. It was a good idea to get the bike inside the house. Now I can spend quality time in a warm location instead of working in a winter cold garage.