Choke asssebly

New piston from after marked kit. Rest of the parts only cleaned and polished.

New gasket from aftermarket kit


Final mounting of the choke lever connected with shaft for all three carburetors.

Dismounting of carburetors

Before starting the disassembly process. 


20160903_110405 20160903_110341 20160903_110354 20160903_110228 20160903_110252 20160903_110327



20160903_120752 20160903_120607


Important to organize the parts. Use boxes, plastic bags and label well to keep track of which parts belongs to the Left, Center and Right carburetor.



Splitting the carbs (pictures usorted at the moment )

20160903_122556 20160903_123123 20160903_123415 20160903_123506 20160903_123805 20160903_123832


20160903_123858 20160903_162550 20160903_162454 20160903_151127 20160903_14341120160903_143446 20160903_143301 20160903_133453 20160903_133327 20160903_132643 20160903_132532 20160903_132039 20160903_131955 20160903_131701 20160903_131610 20160903_131536 20160903_131450 20160903_131256 20160903_131113 20160903_130929 20160903_130809 20160903_130659 20160903_130250 20160903_124207


20160903_182747 20160903_181506

Test run

Have done some test runs  and it all looks good. The first one was not, had to change the points and adjust the timing once more. Now it works fine. I’m so pleased to have the bike on the road again 🙂


First startup

At last, almost two years since I started the engine rebuild it was time to verify if all my posts on the blog were done correctly. So far so good. Final answer will come after the first test run. Getting the license plate next week. Most of the work on the motor was done after I completed the “Man Cave” and the Man Cave was essential for a successful ending. Old and blind I need light and space for such a job. Hopefully this blog can be at inspiration for others working with the same GT 750 issues and pleasures 🙂

Put the kettle on:


Click on the images for detailed view



No decals are used, all hand painted by my nephew Thomas Grenasberg.