Cover on the left hand side

Did the mounting of the cover on the left hand side today. The cover will also house the timing plate, points and capacitors.

I was advised to add some silicone gasket in addition to the new paper gasket, please see the pictures.




Add silicone.

Don’t add silicone where I have the yellow marker. I did it wrong and had to wipe it off after the mounting.



Mount the gasket. I had both alignment studs in the cover and therefore I put the gasket as shown.



Add silicone gasket.

left side cover

To be able to align the side cover in its correct position the pin must hit the hole in the disk rotating the timing camshaft. Be gentle and don’t use force. Rotate a bit to left and right until the cover snap on.



I still had the original screws. Did some polishing on the heads before the mounting.

Done !