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PC in the man cave

It just had to happen, not part of the original plan. A PC is very convenient when you need documentation for the bike. Surfing on the mobile or the tablet is not the same.

An old pc but fine for this purpose.


Welcome to my man cave

Man cave
A proud owner of a new Man Cave

Testing out a new type of blog. Trying to document my MC projects. Hopefully at help for myself an others with the same interest. Scroll down for for new posts.

The main idea with this blog is to use it as a reference guide for Suzuki GT 750  and GT 380.

Most of the posts are related to GT750 and new posts regarding GT380 will be added since the GT380J model is my latest projects.



Don’t hesitate to give me feedback and guidance if you see me doing it wrong.


A new MC garage

After a long time out in the engine overhaul I’m ready to continue. The priority canged to build my self a “man cave” I neede more space for my MC projects. The blogg will be updated with photos from the dismounting and assebly process of the GT750 engine.

The lathe and the milling machine are located in the room next to the MC garage. Quite handy when I need to make special parts and tools.