Instrument lamps wiring

This is what I had… not good at all.

On the J-model all wires are connected with individual connectors as shown in the diagram below.

On the wiring loom I bought brand new, it’s different. One blue 6-pins connector + two separate connectors for the speedometer lamp and the tachometer lamp.

Since I have all the tools to make the mating connectors I decided to make a new wiring loom for the lamps. The old one was anyhow in a bad shape, but what about the rubber sockets for the lamps?

Was able to buy metal part of the sockets and designed the rubber parts in two pieces, 3D printed them using rubber resin and mounted it all together.

The photos below shows the process:

3D printed rubber parts:


Old and new. Will use standard bulbs, not the LED type as shown in the picture.

Crimp tool:

The picture above shows the lamps with the correct color coding. I used a very soft multi strand wire, but was not able to find the black/ white type. You have to be true to the color coding so I painted a white stripe onto the black wire.

The wiring loom will be wrapped using a flexible textile tape. That gives a solid but flexible wiring loom, easy to be fitted.


STL files for 3D printing: