Tachometer face

Making new tachometer face. This is learning by doing. Very much experiential engineering. Just have to give it a try and see how it works.

Not difficult to cut the 1 mm aluminum plate using bandsaw. To make the circle using the scroll saw went even more easy then expected. Made the disk a bit wider than the printed tachometer face. Since the faces are printed as sticker lables it’s easy to mount on the alu disk. Holes were drilled and the edge grinded.

Not 100% happy with the result. The alu disk is much thicker compare to the original, giving pros and cons. Stiffer and more solid, and more easy to drill. But look at the lenses, they don’t match the thicker plate. I can mill on ther rear side using a 12mm end mill (don’t have that) or make new lenses on my lathe, if I can get hold of proper acryle material. Time will show what I do.