GT380 Side Cover Clip


Two of the old clips were broken and new parts are still available for buy. Will cost time and money to buy and since it’s fun to make my own parts, why not give it a try? The model was done in Fusion 360 and the first set of six parts were 3D printed with black resin.

The parts looks stunning, but the function of the flexible clips were not good enough. Too fragile and got easily broken. Another type of resin must be used for this type of parts. I can use my rubber resin, but I will order some ABS like resin and give it another try.

The model drawing in Fusion 360

The STL file of the part can be downloaded for free for anyone:

This post will be updated with the result of the ABS flexible resin print when it’s done. The same if I do a rubber resin print of the part.
The ones I made worked fine, but as mention above they all looked fragile and some broke when mounted into the frame.

New updates: The file above is now updated to V2 release and will fit better into the frame. The new printed part using ABS like resin was also much better.