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The restoration has been done two times. The first one before I was aware of the problem with bad crankshaft sealings. The second time I split the motor and got a crankshaft overhaul + new cylinder and pistons.

A new look :)

Had to put the tank back on and take some pictures with the new GT wheels mounted.

Looks nice with original wheels on 🙂



The video on the PC below shows the bike with the old GS wheels mounted

Test run

Have done some test runs  and it all looks good. The first one was not, had to change the points and adjust the timing once more. Now it works fine. I’m so pleased to have the bike on the road again 🙂


First startup

At last, almost two years since I started the engine rebuild it was time to verify if all my posts on the blog were done correctly. So far so good. Final answer will come after the first test run. Getting the license plate next week. Most of the work on the motor was done after I completed the “Man Cave” and the Man Cave was essential for a successful ending. Old and blind I need light and space for such a job. Hopefully this blog can be at inspiration for others working with the same GT 750 issues and pleasures 🙂

Put the kettle on:


Click on the images for detailed view



No decals are used, all hand painted by my nephew Thomas Grenasberg.







It is time to start working on the engine. Last season there was some oil leakage from the engine. It was difficult to spot exact where the leakage was, but one place was for sure, the gear indicator switch was loose and the oil came out. I don’t know the history of this engine from 1976, I will therefore change all oil seals and O-rings in the area where I had the oil leakage, no 1, 2 and 3. Please see the photos.

I was lucky and got some help from my friends on facebook , advice about how to remove the oil seals.