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Carburetor Top

Parts to be mounted in the carb top.

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The normal position of the circlip should be in the middle, not like the one on the picture.  Adjustment can be done to get a better temperature on the spark plug.  Do not change the original needle with an aftermarket one if  the original is OK and not worn.

You can check the tension and length of the spring according to the service manual. It’s more important to check that all three spring has the same length. That will be important later on when you are doing the syncronization of the carbs.

Step 1

Use a flashlight and check the diaphragm for any leakages

HELP ! I found a hole. Have to get a new one….@#%%@@

Step 2

Get a new one and proceed.

Install the needle

Step 3

Install the cap ( needle plate )

Step 4

Add grease to give a tight seal against the diaphragm


Step 5

Install the diaphragm , note the position shown by the arrow.


Step 6

Mount the spring and the top cover.


Step 7

Test the diaphragm by pushing the piston up and hold you finger above the intake hole.

The piston should stay stable, or move very slow.  Release our finger and the piston shall go down.

Step 8

Done 🙂