Kick Starter Sequence

Here is the sequence of the kickstarter. I had to assemble without paying attention to the alignment marks, because one of them is not present. ( look at my privious post )

Both punch marks at the end of the axle and the kick starter are present and aligned.

Sequence 1B

See the punch marks at the yellow and green arrows.


Sequence 1                       Klick on the images for details

Sequence 1

The front shaft is connected to the clutch and will rotate like the red arrow shows.

The rear shaft is connected to the front sprocket and will rotate like the yellow arrow shows.

The little clutch on the kick starter shaft is in released position and is not in contact with the rotating gears.

Sequence 1A

The oil guide hole is also facing upwards. Everything should be okay.


Sequence 2

Sequence 2

The engine is stopped and we try to restart the engine by kicking down.

The little clutch will connect and the rotations on the shafts will be according to the yellow arrows. And of course, in the same direction as while the engine is running.

When the kick starter is released it all goes back to sequence 1