The work to take apart the GT380 J/K model has started.

Day 1:

Aiming for a full teardown and rebuild.A lot of work to be done, but that was part of the plan. Learning by doing…and hope the result will look good.


Step 1, get going: 


The pipes are mounted wrong, off they go.





The  old wiring is just horrible…. Luckily, I got hold of brand new wiring loom, phuu 🙂


Step 2, air filter and carbs:

Service manual says: Remove the left carb before removing the air filter, and I did so:


Dismounted the carburetors and laid them in a box for later rebuild

Step 3, organize :

Will use plastic boxes and bags to organize the parts. + stickers in the bags telling what it is.

Day 2:

Do some thinking before acting…..

Step 1:

Thinking done, loose and remove  no1 and no  2 bolts.


Step 2:

Since the engine is only connected to the no 3 bolt the engine can be lifted to allow a wooden board to slide in.

Step 3:

Remove  no 3 bolt.

Lift the engine to and align using a piece of wood in the left hand side until the board is even with the bench.


Lower the MC lifter and bolt the board to the bench.


Step 4:

Continue to lower the lifter until the engine can move freely away from the brackets.

Slide the engine onto the bench and you are done. 🙂 🙂